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my continuing struggle with the thermostat

My parents recently acquired a new heating system and because I still live with them, I get to reap the benefits for FREE (almost)!

The old thermostat we had in the downstairs (where I sleep) was a joke. You’d set it on 60°, it would say it was 70°, but it was REALLY 55°. Bad news for everyone.

This would happen a lot:

The new one is less of a joke, but I’m still struggling. It’s set on 67°, reads 68°, but feels like 60°. This is no bueno (the only Spanish I retained from 4 semesters in college). I’m still cold and confused.

I don’t want to waste the oil (that’s a lie) so I’m still dressed like a resident of Siberia.

But sometimes my mom will blast the heat. Like, right before I go to sleep. And I wake up sweating, thirsty, and still confused.

A lot of stumbling and clawing happens, hoping that my hands will work properly and that the temperature will magically correct itself.

Basically, I need to keep a sweatshirt with me at all times. In my house. Because I’m thermostat illiterate.

(Question mark glasses frames. Available in green, blue, and general confusion.)


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