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whale dolls

Recently, a former professor of mine asked if I could make a whale doll for his grand-baby. Obviously I said yes because I’m all about 1) new sewing projects and 2) whales.

Well, lemme just tell you. Harder than it imagined. Because I imagined this pretty easy. And I’m three deep and it still isn’t a perfect wittle whale.

This first one was just too lumpy. Even full of stuffing, it looked like it had something wrong with it.

Maybe the only good thing about it was that when I showed it to my parents, my Mom loved it! And she took it. It’s her couch pillow now because, “it’s so soft and perfect. I can sleep perfect.” This may very well be the first thing I’ve made that she liked / wanted.

Uhm, this one I made half inside out.

And it was too wide. I didn’t bother to finish stuffing it.

And this one freaking has a nose!

I mean, best so far but it has a nose and I don’t know how! I’m going to tweak the pattern a bit more and see what I come up with.

I also recently discovered safety eyes. So no one has to worry that their grand-baby will choke to death on a lose button. Best part!


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