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What we ate: Grilled Chicken Bruschetta!

And by “grilled” I mean we cooked it in a pan with oil and followed almost none of the recipe.

We found this recipe on, with the appeal being 1) chicken and 2) easy.

But what’s easier than easy? Skipping a bunch of the steps!

I honestly don’t understand how my friend puts up with my shenanigans.

This was right after I used the recipe as a cutting board.

Basically we were supposed to combine everything together and then grill the chicken and lay the everything and the cheese over the chicken and eat. Yum!

Instead, I cooked the chicken in oil while my friend cut up more onion and tomatoes than the recipe asked for. Then I more than doubled the sauce part and threw it on top of the chicken before it was done cooking because I wasn’t sure when it was supposed to be added. We tossed the tomatoes and cheese on top and then waited to long before we started eating and had to nuke it in the microwave.

This will make more sense if you look at the recipe first. Which I didn’t. And I was cooking it.

“Grilling” the chicken:

Uh oh. There’s my “making it up as I go” face.

It looks pretty good considering the directions were ignored. And it tasted pretty good too. Quick! Can you spot the Pokemon?!

Look close.

And eventually we got this yummy little dish!

But not before we forgot the basil

and I made another “I have no idea what I’m doing” face.

I make this face every day. Mostly without realizing.


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