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panda in pajamas

My dog and I are basically BFF. I buy him toys, bring him for car rides, try to teach him tricks, and share my pizza with him. In turn, he perches on my back when I’m sleeping, leaves dead ticks in my bed, and chases me around trying to get my sandwich. If that doesn’t scream best friends, I just don’t know what does.

But Panda, he doesn’t like to be cold. He doesn’t like the wind or cold weather. He sleeps with a blanket in the winter and hides his head under it. If it’s raining he refuses to go outside because he’ll be cold AND wet. Yeeeeeks.

How do we solve this? He’s got a mini wardrobe. Sweaters and little t-shirts mostly. He has a puffy down vest, a yellow rain slicker, and that sweatshirt I made him. My brother got him a pink snuggy for Christmas one year.

Well, wouldn’t you know. I found dog pajamas!

I don’t consider this dog abuse. He has plenty of room to move around and be free, while at the same time staying warm and stylish.

I wish target had dog clothes all year instead of just at the holidays.

Look! He’s taking a nap!


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