Oh, Mom.

Mom, “Kerry, Dad and I were reading your blog. And you’re really funny! It just… doesn’t translate in person.”

Me, “…”

Mom, “Kerry, can you show me how to take your pictures of Panda and put them onto my Facebook Web page?”

Me, “Yeah. Go to my page.”

Mom, “Ahuh.”

Me, “With MY picture on it.”

Mom, “Yeah, I’m there. Now what?”

Me,  “See under my picture, there’s a list of things? Look for the one that says ‘photos,'”

Mom, “No. I don’t see that.”

Me, “Under my picture? Are you looking at my picture?”

Mom, “No. I’m looking at mine.”

Me, “Are you on my page?”

Mom, “I’m on my page.”

Me, “Still?”

Mom, “Well I never left it! Just show me later, I’m talking to my friends on my Facebook Web page right now.”


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December 2011
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