Happy Birthday, Mom! A day-long tribute to Patty Baz

Yes, you guessed it! Today we are celebrating the anniversary of my Mom’s 35th birthday! To explain this further, I’m going to transcribe an interview I had with my dog. I call him Panda.

Panda: How does this tribute work?

Kerry: Great question, Panda. Every hour, on the hour, I will post something about my Mom. For example, it’s noon and we’re telling everyone about our tribute! Who knows what one o’clock will hold.

Panda: When does this end?

Kerry: When I run out of things to say about Mom.

Panda: Why are you doing this?

Kerry: Because without my Mom, The Tragic Whale wouldn’t be possible. Since about half of the content is about her.And she laughs when I have funny posts about her, and everyone should laugh on their birthday!

Panda: Can I have a biscuit?

Kerry: Ok. But don’t tell Mom because she’ll get mad that I’m feeding you.

1 Response to “Happy Birthday, Mom! A day-long tribute to Patty Baz”

  1. 1 Jill (@bowski477) October 20, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    happy birthday to your mom!!! i love her fashion advice :P

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