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New tradition? Probably not.

While I was picking out some extravagant wrappings, I came across this card:

That’s exactly what Panda would look like if we let his hair grow out! EXACTLY!

Inside it says something like, “even when we both have bad hair days.” I sealed it up before I photographed it. Oops.

We have a running joke in our family that Mom and Panda have matching hair. Really curly, can be tamed, instantly springs back to curls the second it gets wet (which includes humid air), and neither of them like to go outside when it’s raining!

Obviously I couldn’t give this card to her, my hair looks great when it rains (no, it doesn’t). The card would absolutely have to come from Panda.

So this year, Panda got my Mom a card and a gift. Spoiler alert! It’s a crossword puzzle book. Which works out great because now they’ll be able to curl up together on the couch on the weekends and keep each other warm while Mom works on crossword puzzles and Panda naps.


Things my Mom taught me

that I more or less blatantly ignore :)

She taught me that extravagance is unnecessary. Not to be wasteful. That a small gesture can go a long way. Which is why on her birthday and Christmas (not usually Mother’s Day because I’m out of ideas and my brain’s still recouping) I try to wrap everything I get her in as much wrapping paper as I can fit around them. And I try to buy new wrapping paper every time!

This year I chose a green bag, because Mom’s favorite color is green. And because one of my favorite colors is lime green. And because we recycle bags like we have a gift bag recycling business so I might as well pick out something I like because I’ll probably get it back again, eventually.

I filled that bag with yellow!

But before it was yellow, it was multi-colored tissue paper! Oh, the extravagance!

I HAVE to be honest. There looks like a lot of gifts here but there really isn’t. I wrapped everything individually so it would look like more!

Who cares, anyway? This is my MOM! She’s always (sometimes, hahaha) really supportive, and she helps me a lot, she does a lot for me, I love her, and I don’t get her things very often (because she get’s mad when I “waste” my money). She DESERVES to have a nice birthday and get nice gifts!


Ten things!

Ten things I have in common with my mom, whether we like it or not.

1. We both love Yahtzee.

2. We both become enraged at things completely out of our control. Like the weather! Yep, it’s raining. and now our day is ruined. Because we didn’t know it was going to rain. And we can’t stop it from raining. And it might rain on our heads.

3. We think everyone is out to get us. Someone isn’t paying attention and cuts us off while driving? They did it on purpose. Someone grabs that last can of soup at the grocery store? They grabbed it to spite us; they probably won’t even eat it.

4. We’ll eat through the pain. We love the taste of food so much that we’ll both keep eating well past the point of being full.

5. Highly opinionated but publicly shy. We can talk your ear off about a work issue or a town issue we feel strongly about. But come meeting time, when it’s time to put in our two cents to “make the office better,” or “hear from the people,” we clam right up. And then complain about it after, ahaha.

6. Stubborn. When we’re right, we’re right. And when we don’t want to do something, it doesn’t get done. End. Of. Story.

7. We both have blue eyes!

8. We both think exercise is exhausting and don’t understand why we don’t see any results after only one long walk. It was a very long walk!

9. We grind our teeth at night.

10.  We both have a problem with screens! T.V.’s on? We’re on the computer? Good luck trying to get us to pay attention to anything you say. Kerry and Patty are to screens as moths are to lights in the dark.

Fashion advice from Mom, episode 10

The case of the bright green jeans…

Patty Claus

Now that my brothers and I are older, my Mom likes to get creative with the Christmas gift tags. Another thing she likes to do is ask us at Thanksgiving if we would like something she’s come up with (like a kindle, or a coin sorting machine), and then get it for us even after we say, “Naw, not really.”

These photos were taken by my brother, Bob. In case you couldn’t tell.

She likes to wrap everything individually so it, “feels like we’re getting more.” Hope you can tell that’s chap stick.

Can you guess what it is?

Nope, not Crest White Strips!

We also end up with a lot of band aids, Q-tips, Advil, those types of things. We have these health care flex card things and if you don’t use the money by the end of the year you lose it. So Patty makes sure to use it all up! on stocking stuffers.

A story about a grill

We’ve had our grill for… Maybe 5 years? It’s beaten and worn from countless dinner and enduring harsh weather. It’s on it’s last leg, ALMOST literally.

Here’s the story of it’s decline:

It started small. The grates were falling in when my Dad cleaned it. They looked thinner and thinner. Then they began looking a little holey…

The inside began to flake from excessive use and weathering. It’s a closed container so naturally it’s going to get a bit of moisture inside when it rains, freeze when it’s cold, etc. You might be thinking, “Well, but if you keep it covered..?”

We don’t. The squirrels kept jacking the grill cover so we’ve pretty much given up. And my Mom grills in all weather, rain, snow, sleet, doesn’t matter. If she’s making steak, stake will happen. It she’s craving a burger, burgers will happen. Chicken? Other grill-able meats? Year round food in the Bazinet residence.

Recently, the handle fell off. “That’s ok!” said Patty. “I’ll just use oven mits to open and close it!”

I said, “Really, Mom? Really.”

“That’s not so weird,” she says.  “I’ll just have to be extra careful not to slam it, so pieces of the grill don’t fall in our food.”

Last night she realized that the holes from where the hand used to be are making it hard for the grill to reach a proper temperature. But you know what? I ate that chicken anyway. And it was nothing short of amazing. But we’re having people over this weekend, so she’s a little worried.

Her official stance is that it takes too long to get used to a new grill. “I know how this one cooks,” she says. “I’m used to this one.” My Mom is delusional.

Memorable Mom Quotes

  • “There’s only one correct way to arrange a room.”

Joey: Mom, look at the Build-a-Bear I got from our secret Santa at school!
Mom: Oooh, why don’t you give it to the needy!

  • To my friend, Jordan.
    “Jordan, do you have a sunburn on the back of your neck? It looks red! Turn around so we can look at it…….. I wasn’t looking at your neck.”

“I don’t think a mother should be taller than her son. That’s just not right!” She’s taller than my brother.

  • To the J C Penny customer service hot-line: You are greatly disconveniencing me!

“I don’t want to tip on egg shells.”

  • “This is unaminous. I can’t say unanimous.

“Don’t ask me about my work day. I come home to get away from work. I’ll TELL you when you can ask about my work day.”


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