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Wednesday Whale Love

Welcome to my new initiative: Wednesday Whale Love! I obviously love whales, and I love whale related things, so I said to myself, “Kerry, how do I tie these things together?”

Then I had a dream. I dreamed that I was collecting all this whale memorabilia and stashing it in my closet. I started to run out of room and didn’t know what to do with the new things I was collecting. Then my brother Bob said, “If you show it off to people, the size of the objects will shrink and you’ll be able to fit more in your closet.” He didn’t look anything like my brother, but I knew it was him.

When I woke up I said, “Wednesday Whale Love.”

So here we go! (the pictures are links, click ’em to get to the home sites)

I love whales, but I love books even more! Which is why I love this bookshelf:

Look how happy he is to have so many books in him!

My friend makes and sells these Woolie Whale plush things:

I think they’re just adorable. And they come in so many different colors!

And last up for today is this whale’s tail cork screw. Because I love anything practical AND fun:

Imagine having a dinner party and whipping this baby out. “Thanks for the wine, darling, lemme just get that cork out. Oh, this? Just a a little something I picked up while surfing the Web. A whale’s tail, yes. Fancy? Thank you, so nice of you to say!”

Yeah, I went there.


mac& cheese

I love matching

But it’s hard to find people to match with.

It’s also getting colder (LOVE New England weather. Sweltering last week, sweatshirt to bed at night this week. I really do love the weather though). AND my dog also hates to be cold! Solution?

Make him a sweatshirt! I had two of the same, and one was getting a little ratty. Whoa, wait, WHAT?! Did I just say I had TWO?


mini tragic whale clutch

Just when I think I can’t come up with any more dead whale ideas, I come up with the mini Tragic Whale clutch:

Coming soon to the (also coming soon) Tragic Whale gift shop!

Vacation recap in photos

making a pencil case trying it out  picking on my mom dress-a-day, day one    got my bride's maid dress, it's too biglaying out the blanket quilt sewing up the blanket quilt pulling apart the blanket quilt after big mess ups    reorganized the shelf above my desk most of a panel wet rain walk dress sewing with my cousin   Panda's new haircut! button organization my best twirling dress wallet I made for my cousin fire party!   peep roasting I'm no model. purse attackorganized (some of) my thread   got contacts! it's getting chilly! made more sharkies

I actually did almost everything I wanted to with my week off! EXCEPT finish “Cloud Atlas.” I’d originally planned to go to the Library of Congress, but this was much more productive. And my car spent vacation down the street with the mechanic hahahaha. No complaints :)

Fire Party

Vacation day six was mostly appointments and errands, though I did get contacts (!!!). But tonight I had a fire party!

Fire party: a party revolving around a fire.

And there was a great turn out, too. My dad came, then Jordan showed up, and then later, EVEN THOUGH she said she was too tired to come, my mom stopped by. And by stopped by I mean came outside. Since I live with my parents.

Highlights included:

The fire! Roaring, I know.

We used Easter peeps to make s’mores. By which I mean Jordan made s’mores and I just cooked ’em and burned my tongue eating them. Mmmm, delish!

Look at that thing! This last photo doubles as my dress-a-day (with sweatshirt, it was cold (sweatshirt covered in marshmellows)), but there’s a peep on fire in there. And I was like, “Hey, check this out! I’m cool, right?” and Jordan said, “Uhhh…” And I said, “Take the picture. I’m cool.”

Fashion advice from Mom, episode 6

The case of the dress-a-day vacation initiative…

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