Lolita VS Broadway

“Lolita VS Broadway”… A Tragic Whale Story

All her life, Lolita’s mother made sure she felt special.

She encouraged Lolita to dream big and pushed her to go far.

Lolita could do no wrong.

Which is how Lolita came to believe that her life was limitless. “Mom, I’m not going to college,” she said one day. “I’m going to be a ballet star!”
What could a mother say?“Of course you are, Lolita! You can do anything!”

When Lolita decided to reach beyond her physical limits, her mother was at a loss for words. “And I’m going to dance on Broadway!”

“Lolita, honey,” her mom tried to reason with her. “Whales, we need to stay in the water. To survive.”
Lolita couldn’t be swayed. “I want to dance. On Broadway. I will dance. On Broadway. And Broadway will just have to accommodate me.”

But no Broadway director would take her. Their shows called for nimble, two-legged dancers, not big, clumsy, water dependent whales. She decided to crash a show. “I’ll blow them away! They’ll beg me to dance for them after this!”

Lolita sprang up on stage during a production of Cats. She started strong but soon her dehydrating body began to stiffen.

Lolita had achieved her dream of dancing on Broadway. She would never dance again.

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