Vacation, days two & three

Still haven’t used an alarm clock or had any soda! And it’s still rough, guys. Lemme just tell you that. Rough stuff on this soda free vacation.

Yesterday and today I worked on this t-shirt blanket I promised to make for my friend… over a year ago… (Who still has no concept of the phrase, “in a timely fashion?” Yeah, this girl.)

It started slow. I cut two t-shirts into squares and stitched them together. And then like a YEAR LATER (that would be around now time), I really got to business. (Honestly, just don’t ask me to make you anything. You’ll likely never see it.) I cut all the shirts up and started arranging them in piles of blanket front and blanket back.

I stitched a bunch together and it didn’t look totally awful.

More stitching:

I even got that batting shit to make it like a real blanket! Sewed it all together with the batting and everything and all that was left to do was turn the thing right side out! Then I realized my mistake.

I sandwiched the batting between the front and back blanket pieces INSIDE the blanket pieces. Aka, when I went to turn it right side out, the batting would be the back side instead of more t-shirts. OOPS. Hand this been for me, I would have left it. But not only is for my friend, it’s also about 13 months overdue. I started to undue it.

And since that took forever and I needed a break, I tossed the crumpled blanket pieces on a chair and took a break to let you know that I do dumb things sometimes (often).

Pfft, this blanket.

This is the vacation dress I wore today:

I don’t know if you can tell that the sweatshirt is all wet, as well as the bottom part of the dress. I went for a rain walk and rain is wet, I’m sure you make the connection. Yesterday I had this polka dot dress on (with pockets!) but I only wore it for a little while because I was going outside and it was windy and I didn’t want anyone to see my undies, ahahahha.

I feel I should also mention that on my vacation to do list I traded in “exercise every day” for “eat hot pockets every day because they’re on sale this week and I love them.” It’s going great.

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