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Cloud Atlas, a review

This book got some serious loving when I accidentally spilled an entire water bottle on it. If you’re all, “Oh no how could you do that to a book?!” then don’t worry. That water also murdered my phone.

Cloud Atlas (by David Mitchell)  is carefully constructed of six shorter stories that all interconnect with each other. There’s a review on that back of this book that describes it as, “[a] series of nested dolls or Chinese boxes…” And even though I read this, it took me to halfway through the third shorter story to realized what was going on. Yep, total confusion up to that point. And the whole time trying to figure out HOW the book was like nesting dolls.

Story one:

This first part is about this guy traveling around on a ship in the 1800s. He’s keeping a journal of his travels and, like, everyone on the ship hates him. Practically.

Story two:

Takes place in the 1930s ish. This guy decides to be a composers apprentice and writes letters to his friend.

Story three:

Takes place in present time and is written in present tense. It’s about this lady, Louisa, who is a reporter and stumbles across a big story.

Story four:

Takes place in the near future and is about a guy who accidentally checks himself into a nursing home and can’t check himself out.

Story five:

Now we’re reading an interview between some guy doing a project (basically) and a man-made human. Yeah, I said man-made human.

Story six:

The last part is a narrative that takes place after society collapses and begins to rebuild itself.

I’m not going to tell you how they work together to make a book.

David Mitchell does an excellent job of giving all six narrators their own unique voice. I honestly felt like I was reading six different books which was good because I liked some parts better than others but I didn’t have to quit the book and find a new one. The book did it for me!

On a Kerry Star rating I gave this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a clever and refreshing read.


story about a grill 0, whale pencil case 1

So today I was going to post a story about a grill. How my mom loves her grill because “you just get used to how it cooks,” and, “it takes a long time to get used to a new grill,” and, “it’s ok that some of the grill grate is missing because it fell into the flame, that the handle fell off last week and we have to use oven mits to open and close it, and if you close it too hard, bits of it flake into the food.”

And there was going to be pictures and maybe some good laughs. BUT THEN I made this instead:

It’s a whale pencil case! Just the prototype so there’s a lot of room for improvement (like fins and maybe a smile (or frown if it’s dead)) but I did get the hardest part figured out:

Lining! Red, because animals are red inside. Check how great he is at holding things:


Wednesday Whale Love 02

Another Wednesday Whale Love! Check out this picture I found:

I like how much is going on in the picture. And how confused the whale is, ahahaha.

Another practical piece:

(not sure why the border is SO HUGE on this image) The whale is darling and, I mean, c’mon. Couldn’t you use another clock? Like, just one? For the bathroom or living room or ANY room? I love clocks.

Last up, this:

He’s only half a foot high but he looks so awesome. I have so much whale love for this little statue!

Lolita VS Broadway

“Lolita VS Broadway”… A Tragic Whale Story

All her life, Lolita’s mother made sure she felt special.

She encouraged Lolita to dream big and pushed her to go far.

Lolita could do no wrong.

Which is how Lolita came to believe that her life was limitless. “Mom, I’m not going to college,” she said one day. “I’m going to be a ballet star!”
What could a mother say?“Of course you are, Lolita! You can do anything!”

When Lolita decided to reach beyond her physical limits, her mother was at a loss for words. “And I’m going to dance on Broadway!”

“Lolita, honey,” her mom tried to reason with her. “Whales, we need to stay in the water. To survive.”
Lolita couldn’t be swayed. “I want to dance. On Broadway. I will dance. On Broadway. And Broadway will just have to accommodate me.”

But no Broadway director would take her. Their shows called for nimble, two-legged dancers, not big, clumsy, water dependent whales. She decided to crash a show. “I’ll blow them away! They’ll beg me to dance for them after this!”

Lolita sprang up on stage during a production of Cats. She started strong but soon her dehydrating body began to stiffen.

Lolita had achieved her dream of dancing on Broadway. She would never dance again.

Fashion advice from Mom, episode 7

The case of the red belt…

This week on The Tragic Whale…

I’ve got a lot of good stuff for you guys this week. Today I updated the “About” page, making it generally better.  There’s a bit more history now and an updated picture of me (since I got contacts and don’t really wear my glasses anymore!) Anything I missed but you want to know? Get at me.

I also added a “Gift Shop” page with a link to my etsy shop where I’ll be selling Tragic Whale related goods. Check them out! Here’s a picture to help you find the updated/new pages:

I also cleaned up the Categories section a bit aka I gave “Fashion Advice” its own link.

And the line up for the week is (DUN DUN DUN):

Monday: a new fashion Advice from Mom

Tuesday: a new Tragic Whale story

Wednesday: Wednesday Whale Love, the second addition

Thursday: a short about a grill

Friday: book review of Cloud Atlas

That’s right, folks! I’m aiming for a POST EVERY DAY! Can she do it? Check back and find out :)


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