As stated in my “About” section, I like to collect things. I have so many collections! Books, wheat pennies, turtle-looking things, rocks, post cards, etc. But some of my favorite things to acquire more of are scissors! Typical Kerry conversation:

Me (looking at scissors at a store): “Do you think I need more scissors?”

Friend or family member: “No.”
Me: “But can a person really have enough scissors?”

F or Fm: “Yes.”

Me: “But what if you need some and the ones you have just aren’t shark enough!”

F or Fm: “You have a lot of sharp pairs of scissors. Don’t buy any more.”

And another:

Me: “Now this is important, when we get to Ikea, DO NOT let me buy their scissors. I already have two sets and I don’t need more of the same ones.”

F or Fm: “Ok, no problemo.”

Me: “YES PROBLEMO! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, I WILL TRY TO SWINDLE YOU. I’m trusting you not to let me buy those scissors.”

Obviously someone failed because I do have the two sets. And I love them.

Here’s most of them!

I like to keep a mug of the best ones on my desk for projects. The rest are in the scissors, tape, and glue drawer just out of reach.

Just today I got a new pair with owls on them! Owls! Right on the blades!

Fancy, huh?

Me: “Ooooh! Do you think I need scissors with owls on them?”

Cousin: “No.”

Me: “Ten year warranty!”

Cousin: “On the scissors or the owls? There better be a warranty on those owls for when they scrape off when you cut things.”

Me: “Yeah.”

You just can’t have too many.


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