Hurricane Casualties

People are so worried about people that they don’t even think about cute baby animals (or small animals that look like babies and will therefore be referred to by me as baby animals).

Like this bird:

Found him in my driveway, just hanging out crunched in a little bird ball. I said, “Bird, what are you doing out here? Go hide in those trees where it’s safe!”

Bird ignored me.

So I said, “Bird, listen. There’s a storm happening. Go over by those trees! The brush will protect you!” Nothing. Just staring across the driveway.

I didn’t want to touch him in case other birds refused to be his friend after, so I tried to scare him into the woods. Bird would ONLY try to relocate during wind gusts, and being a small (baby?) bird he kept flopping over. Idiot. But we made it onto the rocks and off of where cars park.

Then Bird started talking to some other smarter bird that was hiding in the woods. I couldn’t understand him, but I’m sure it roughly translated to, “Who the heck is this crazy person? I’m tired and (possibly) injured and she’s yelling at me!”

Let that record reflect that I will yell at anything that is acting foolish. As Bird was.

Finally I coaxed him over to a tree.

I think Irene has claimed two human lives so far, but how many birds and other animals (except squirrels, they don’t count) has she taken? That’s real tragedy.

1 Response to “Hurricane Casualties”

  1. 1 kudosaru August 29, 2011 at 8:21 am

    You got so close to the babiest of baby birds.

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