Monsieur Sharkie purse

Aside from neglecting my blog, I’m an avid crafter! (Attempted avid crafter; sometimes I neglect that too.) Lately I’ve been working a lot with my sewing machine- just ditzing around and trying to create new things. But then I thought (and Jordan said, like, ten zillion times) why don’t I make things related to my (neglected) blog! And here’s what I came up with:

Monsieur Sharkie! Remember that adorable little shark that eats Chloe and Arty at the end of “Chloe in Love?” Well now I can put money and my phone in him! Lemme walk you through this process. First I cut up a bunch of felt:

Yeah, so much felt! Then I drank quite a bit of soda and started building little shark bodies. Sewing on the teeth, giving them eye brows:

Slapped on a couple of eyes:

Right after I took this picture I drove a needle through my finger. Again. Then some pinning happened:

And some mouth snaps happened:

And pretty soon I had a school of Sharkies! Do sharks come in schools?

Menacing AND practical!

Looks like they’re plotting something in this picture, ahahaha.Watch out they don’t eat your credit cards!


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August 2011
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