Louis’s New Friend

Louis’s New Friend… A Tragic Whale Story

Louis traveled aimlessly on his own for several years before finally stumbling upon a new companion.


Judy the Fish had recently lost her entire family to a fishing boat. Louis listened to her story with a sullen look on his face.

Louis informed Judy that all would be fine now; he would keep her as safe as he could. She was so pleased she temporarily changed from purple to red.

She changed back. Louis took a deep breath and dove. Judy followed.

They dove to the deepest part of the sea and warmed their bodies by some heat vents. Judy was glad for the company; Louis was sure he could fall in love.

But Louis, unlike Judy, did not pull oxygen from the water. They were too far down for him to make it to the surface again for air. He smiled his last smile and suffocated.

Judy couldn’t help but feel as though she was doomed to a lonely life of lonesomeness. She gazed down at her dead new friend and debated her next move.

Just then, an Angler fish came out of no-where and charged at Judy!

He speared and ate her. Neither Louis nor Judy were lonely after that.

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