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Wednesday Whale Love

I’ve been scouring Etsy for whale-print fabrics and lemme tell you, there’s more to choose from than ever! Nowhere close to the number of owl prints out there. Still cute but, I mean, it’s not The Tragic OWL. Am I right? Anyway, here are the ones at the top of my “buy” list (as soon as fabric intervention ends).

This one has to be my favorite. I love the different whales and the all the details!


These whales are just precious. And if I ever decide to stock the shop with holiday-themed bags, this print would be great for Independence Day!


This print feels spring-ish to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow. But I don’t love the cold so I’m all ready for spring.


If you come across any great whale prints, be sure to let me know in the comments or by email! Thanks!

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Wednesday Whale Love!

I’m going nuts over these mini shower mats! My brain switched to house-stuff mode when I started apartment hunting. These would MAKE my bathroom!


I like plastic beads because they don’t smash like glass beads have  a tendency to do when you, say, throw your coat against a wall. Or run into a door. Or trip down a hill and slam into a tree. I’m not saying these things have happened to me, I’m just saying glass beads can shatter and are sharp. But I bet these little cuties would stand up to all the abuse I could throw at them!


This card set is super adorable! Naturally, I would want mine to say, “W is for Whale!” since I love whales. Who knew, right? Plus, I love stickers.


And, hey! It’s Wednesday! Where has the week gone?

Wednesday Whale Love!

These are definitively some beauties I’d love to add to my collection :)

LOVE IT! So very cute and practical.


Oh and hey, it comes in six different colors. Wahoo!

I have a massive collection of pull-over hoodies from H&M, but they don’t carry the style anymore and mine are really wearing out! This would make a great replacement for the grey one I turned into a shark.


Plus, gray goes with basically everything.

This box is so adorable.


It would look great on my desk with some pencils in the fins and sewing supplies in the mouth!

Hope your Wednesday wasn’t as cold and snowy as mine!

Wednesday Whale Love: Squid Ink Kollective

I’m always on the hunt for some great whale finds (obviously), and anytime I can find a shop with multiple whale-related items for sale I get super excited! Because 1) if I can get all the things I want from the same place, even online, I know it’s going to save me time and money (be it travel or shipping or whatever) and 2) I like to support shops that sell things I love by buying things .

Or, as is usually the case with Wednesday Whale Love, make a list of things and cross my fingers for the next holiday or birthday.

Anyway, last weekend I happened upon Quid Ink Kollective. I found a cool shirt, then realized they had a narwhal thing, and then I poked around a little more and they have so beautiful creations! Oh, and most of the t-shirts are on sale :)

Have you seen a happier narwhal?

I bet not.

This shirt looks similar to a tattoo my friends and I are planning on!

And this tea towel is so precious:

How could I not want it for my imaginary future kitchen?

I didn’t include sources because all of these wonderful things can be found right in Squid Ink Kollective’s etsy shop. Go! Check it out! And have a great Wednesday!

Wednesday Whale Love

Welcome to Wednesday Whale Love, Blackfish edition! If you haven’t seen the documentary Blackfish yet, this might be sort of confusing for you. Let me catch you up.

1) Orcas are highly intelligent animals.
2) Sea World isn’t properly instructing their staff on how dangerous these wild animals are.
3) Due to Sea World’s neglect and lack of understanding about Orcas, trainers keep getting killed.

WHAT?! THAT’S CRAZY! Yeah, no kidding.

(Blackfish on IMDB)

So good. It’s streaming on Netflix now so if you have a free 83 minutes you should definitely watch it.

Then on my search I found this neat Etsy shop with not one but TWO Blackfish shirts!


Proceeds from this first one are donated to wildlife conservation in the Pacific Northwest, which is pretty awesome. And the second one makes it look like these giant creatures are little fish tank installations.


Which is hilarious in a totally not hilarious way.

Hope you’re all having a great week, and that you have time to watch this movie!

Wednesday Whale Love

My cousin, Michelle, shared this really clever idea with me via Pinterest. I’m dreaming of the dinner parties I can center around these adorable little cheese whales!


This shirt is too cute. Whales in Love? With a sunset background? On a shirt? Yes, please!


All I can say about this tape is WANT. It would be the perfect addition to all the orders I send out!


Hope everyone’s had a great week so far! I’m off to finish up a mini-pouch invasion in the shop ;)

Wednesday Whale Love: Want List.

The holidays are creeping up fast and I know it is sometimes difficult for my family to shop me. My brother Joey already asked me outright what I wanted, but where is the surprise?! So this week’s Wednesday Whale Love will double as a want list. You’re welcome, family!

(Obvi, these are loose ideas if you’re in a creative bind. I will love anything you get me. EXCEPT sour candy.)

This amazing sweatshirt:


Size medium, gray is fine. The other animals make it fun, but I’m all about those front-and-center whales!

I was really after a sweater. I just got a bird sweater and an owl sweater and I saw a fox sweater but no where can I find a whale sweater! Even though this is a men’s sweater, I think I could still rock it with a pair of skinny jeans.


Size medium, I like the orange one best. It’s wool, which leads me to believe it might be itchy, but hopefully I could fit a long sleeved shirt under it without bulking it up too much.

I think this is just a shirt with a hood attached, but that’s kind of cool.


Any color but white, and probably a medium. Honestly, I just really like that whale!

So, in conclusion, I hope everyone is having a fab week!

Yeah. Yeah, I transition well.

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