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Wednesday Whale Love

Welcome to Wednesday Whale Love, Blackfish edition! If you haven’t seen the documentary Blackfish yet, this might be sort of confusing for you. Let me catch you up.

1) Orcas are highly intelligent animals.
2) Sea World isn’t properly instructing their staff on how dangerous these wild animals are.
3) Due to Sea World’s neglect and lack of understanding about Orcas, trainers keep getting killed.

WHAT?! THAT’S CRAZY! Yeah, no kidding.

(Blackfish on IMDB)

So good. It’s streaming on Netflix now so if you have a free 83 minutes you should definitely watch it.

Then on my search I found this neat Etsy shop with not one but TWO Blackfish shirts!


Proceeds from this first one are donated to wildlife conservation in the Pacific Northwest, which is pretty awesome. And the second one makes it look like these giant creatures are little fish tank installations.


Which is hilarious in a totally not hilarious way.

Hope you’re all having a great week, and that you have time to watch this movie!

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Wednesday Whale Love

My cousin, Michelle, shared this really clever idea with me via Pinterest. I’m dreaming of the dinner parties I can center around these adorable little cheese whales!


This shirt is too cute. Whales in Love? With a sunset background? On a shirt? Yes, please!


All I can say about this tape is WANT. It would be the perfect addition to all the orders I send out!


Hope everyone’s had a great week so far! I’m off to finish up a mini-pouch invasion in the shop ;)

Wednesday Whale Love: Want List.

The holidays are creeping up fast and I know it is sometimes difficult for my family to shop me. My brother Joey already asked me outright what I wanted, but where is the surprise?! So this week’s Wednesday Whale Love will double as a want list. You’re welcome, family!

(Obvi, these are loose ideas if you’re in a creative bind. I will love anything you get me. EXCEPT sour candy.)

This amazing sweatshirt:


Size medium, gray is fine. The other animals make it fun, but I’m all about those front-and-center whales!

I was really after a sweater. I just got a bird sweater and an owl sweater and I saw a fox sweater but no where can I find a whale sweater! Even though this is a men’s sweater, I think I could still rock it with a pair of skinny jeans.


Size medium, I like the orange one best. It’s wool, which leads me to believe it might be itchy, but hopefully I could fit a long sleeved shirt under it without bulking it up too much.

I think this is just a shirt with a hood attached, but that’s kind of cool.


Any color but white, and probably a medium. Honestly, I just really like that whale!

So, in conclusion, I hope everyone is having a fab week!

Yeah. Yeah, I transition well.

Wednesday Whale Love!

I thought office supplies would be a good subject for today, tying into Sunday’s tape dispenser want list ;)

I don’t know how this gem alluded my search! It looks like it could be a high school Plastics class project, but I think it is absolutely darling.

OfficeAnimals TapeDisp-Whale(source)

I already have 3 staplers for home and 2 for work, but none of them are whales. Obvi, I need one.

Monkey Business Moby Stapler(source)

I found this one on the Japanese version of Amazon. I have no idea what the currency conversion is, but that doesn’t mean I’m not in love. Look at those little eyes! He looks like he’s smiling at you, ahaha.


Have a great week, everyone!

Wednesday Whale Love, Music Edition!

Halfway through the week already? Where does the time go!

This week I thought I would switch it up a little and instead of sharing my top Etsy finds, I’m going to share music with you.

My friend Jordan just shared this song with me over the weekend. I can’t decide if I like it yet or not, but it’s definitely growing on me. The intro is really long, though, so I skip past that part.

Yellow Ostrich- “Whale”

I heard this on the radio and Shazamed it. Again, I skip past the intro. Actually, when I searched for the video I thought I was stuck watching one of those ridiculously long YouTube commercials, ahah. I like it because it makes me want to dance!

Said the Whale- “I Love You”

And this has been a favorite of mine for years. I just think it’s one of the sweetest songs, ever.

Noah and the Whale- “Five Years Time”

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Wednesday Whale Love!

I have so many whale wonders to share with you! Every time I find something neat I try to favorite it, pin it, or bookmark it so I have a ton of stuff to choose from.

A few weeks ago I came across this GORGE necklace!


I love the intricate bone details in it. I would rock this every day.

This custom print fabric is adorable.


I would love to have this in my stash but I just can’t justify spending that much money on a quarter yard of fabric right now. And it comes in so many different colors!

When I first stumbled upon this little fella, my jaw literally dropped.


It was the mustache and monocle that won me over. He is too cute!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


Hey! Instead of a bunch of whales, today I’m sharing 15% off everything in The Tragic Whale shop!

Just use coupon code WHALELOVE at check out.

Whale Love 2

Happy Wednesday! Hope the rest of your week sails by :)

Another Wednesday Whale love!

Ever since I got those awesome towels for my birthday, I’ve had my eye out for more whale towels. I’m especially keen on these dish towels from Zen Threads:

(I’m pretty sure my friends got me a t-shirt from them for Christmas!)

Not that I’m in the market to buy any more fabric right now (since I have two overflowing bins), but this Maritime Moby is at the top of my must-have list.

Something about grays and yellows together always catch my eye. Also, the whales! Aha.

Pretty soon I’ll start looking for a new sweatshirt. I have a half dozen plain pull overs that I love, but it looks like H&M has stopped carrying them! Since mine are wearing out I have to start planning for the fall. I kind of like this one:

But I’m not sure if it’s too cutesie or if it’s too long. Or too expensive. I try not to spend more than $20 on a sweatshirt because I know I’m just going to destroy it, and this is almost double! I guess I have plenty of time to figure it out, but I know it’ll be cold again in no time!

Hope you’re having a fab Wednesday and that your week isn’t dragging on!

It’s Wednesday…

So you know it’s time for some whale love!

My Mom was nice enough to tell me that she doesn’t like Wednesday Whale Love because it’s boring.

So… Here are some neat things I found! (Click the pictures to bring you to the source).



Wednesday Whale Love!

So this one time I mostly forgot I had a blog… Not that you aren’t used to that by now. Am I right?!

Over a month ago, a reader sent me an email featuring an Ice Cream Whale Spade (thanks, Mary!)!

This thing is so cool. Especially because I never really scoop ice cream as much as I shovel it out of the container, aha.

For my birthday I got a matching whale towel set!

Aside from the happy whales hanging out with me in the morning, these have got to be the most absorbent towels I have ever used.  I just have to be super careful not to bleach them and turn those beautiful blue whales into faded or discolored… whales… I guess they would still be whales.

And I found this gorgeous fabric at a cute little fabric store on the Cape:

I’ve already started some projects with them!

Hope you’ve all been well! I’ve been busy figuring some things out but it’s done consuming my life, at least for the time being :)

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