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Memorable Mom Quotes

  • “There’s only one correct way to arrange a room.”

Joey: Mom, look at the Build-a-Bear I got from our secret Santa at school!
Mom: Oooh, why don’t you give it to the needy!

  • To my friend, Jordan.
    “Jordan, do you have a sunburn on the back of your neck? It looks red! Turn around so we can look at it…….. I wasn’t looking at your neck.”

“I don’t think a mother should be taller than her son. That’s just not right!” She’s taller than my brother.

  • To the J C Penny customer service hot-line: You are greatly disconveniencing me!

“I don’t want to tip on egg shells.”

  • “This is unaminous. I can’t say unanimous.

“Don’t ask me about my work day. I come home to get away from work. I’ll TELL you when you can ask about my work day.”


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In the beginning…

In the beginning, there was just Patty and Kerry (and my Dad but this isn’t his day).

This is from a picture book I made for Mother’s Day a couple of years ago. I had black hair as a baby.

My mom would make me snuggle up with her in bed because she thought it was cute. I don’t know if it was or wasn’t, I can’t remember because I was a baby. We ARE smiling in the picture though (based off an actually photograph). But here’s a fun fact:

When I was born my nose was squashed to the side of my face and my mom cried and cried because her, “healthy baby was going to have to have plastic surgery!”  Luckily for her, my nose straightened out in an hour.

Little did my undeveloped mind realize that this would turn into the theme of our lives (us being my two brothers and I). Good, but good enough? We can always count on Mom to push us to be better than our best :)

Happy Birthday, Mom! A day-long tribute to Patty Baz

Yes, you guessed it! Today we are celebrating the anniversary of my Mom’s 35th birthday! To explain this further, I’m going to transcribe an interview I had with my dog. I call him Panda.

Panda: How does this tribute work?

Kerry: Great question, Panda. Every hour, on the hour, I will post something about my Mom. For example, it’s noon and we’re telling everyone about our tribute! Who knows what one o’clock will hold.

Panda: When does this end?

Kerry: When I run out of things to say about Mom.

Panda: Why are you doing this?

Kerry: Because without my Mom, The Tragic Whale wouldn’t be possible. Since about half of the content is about her.And she laughs when I have funny posts about her, and everyone should laugh on their birthday!

Panda: Can I have a biscuit?

Kerry: Ok. But don’t tell Mom because she’ll get mad that I’m feeding you.

Wednesday Whale Love, v5

Another beautiful whale ring!

Too expensive for my wallet but that won’t stop me from stalking it on the Web.

The design of this doesn’t seem too practical to me, but I still think it’s awesome:

It looks like the lid is the bottom. That’s all I’m saying.

And this little guy:

I guess Urban Outfitters discontinued it but I still think it’s 100% badass.

a book comparison with stick figures

Not to be confused with a boring book review.

On Saturday I finished reading, “A Spot of Bother,” by Mark Haddon. I’d read his “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,” a few years back and LOVED IT. Loved it so much I bought it for someone as a gift. Loved it so much I read it a second time. Therefore, I was very excited to learn that this man had written other books.

Dog book? Told from the perspective of a boy with Autism. Spot book? Reads like it’s told from the perspective of a boy with Autism. And this happened:

Just me, looking real, real sad about this book. You know what? My expectations were too high.

If I love one book, I want to love them all. Like Steinbeck. Like Kerouac. Like Camus. Maybe this just wasn’t Haddon’s fate. But because it’s a book, and I love books, and I try to give every book I start an equal chance, I plugged through it. It stopped reading like Autism, but I still couldn’t get into it.

1/4 way through, 1/3 way through, 1/2 way through. And still not looking up! I would rather complain and suffer than give up on a book. Unless it’s a math book. But I know enough not to pick one of those up.

But then, a miracle happened. On page 195 (yeah, 195), the crazy dad character is trying to explain his crazy actions (don’t want to give it away) and he says, “It seemed to make sense at the time.” That was what I needed! I think that any crazy action is justifiable if it “made sense at the time,” because things make sense to me all the time and then after (usually right after) I realize that they don’t make THAT much sense and then I have to live with it. Almost 200 pages, but we finally got to:

Then it worked it’s way off into one of those “And everyone was happy” endings which, although are not my favorite, worked well for the book.

So good job, Mark Haddon!

Kindle case fail

I had a craft project list the length of the Great Wall of China  to do this weekend, so instead I tried to make a case for my Kindle!

I measured out  a pattern in case it came out well. I try to make patterns for everything, that way I don’t have to worry about guessing on measurements later on (I’m very forgetful). I also find it helpful to have a pattern if I’m showing someone else how to make something, since I usually write some directions on it.

I cut out my fabric and ironed on some interfacing to make it stronger, thinking this might help protect the Kindle if it gets dropped or hit with something. But honestly this wouldn’t help me because it’s not a metal, crush-proof, water-proof case. If it’s electronic, I will kill it.

Some pinning happened:

And some sewing happened:

Then it was done! Dead-whale themed, of course.

Oh, then I tried to fit my Kindle in and found out I made the case too small!

Looks like it will just fit, huh? Well it just DOESN’T fit. I was upset with myself. But then my brother gave me a great idea!

Wait for it…

I can use it as a phone case.

What we ate!

For almost a year now, my friend and I have been getting together on Thursdays to watch TV and make dinner. USUALLY I decide on frozen pizza with bacon on it. Yum. Sometimes, though, we get a little crazy and actually find a recipe and make real food. And sometimes (on TOP of that) I remember to take pictures!

So here’s “What We Ate,” the 10-13-11 edition.

I found this recipe for “Quick and Easy Chicken” (sounds like a floozy) on My one wish is that it had a better name. But it still turned out really good!

There I am, teaching that easy chicken a lesson.

Naturally, we altered the recipe before even giving it a chance. My friend added some maple syrup to it when I wasn’t paying attention, which SOUNDS gross but isn’t. Next time we’re going to sub out the ketchup for BBQ sauce. And measure the pepper instead of dumping it in (my fault, oops).

He’s laughing because I was clicking photos like a paparazzi. You have to, to get a good one!

The recipe also said we should drink Riesling wine with it, which we could not find. So we got a pretty bottle of red instead.

Sample size for my mom. You know that story? If you give a mouse a cookie? He’s going to want some milk? Similar concept with my mom and a full-sized wine glass.

And there you have it, the Quick and Easy Chicken (aka Floozy Chicken) final product! With green beans.

Fashion advice from Mom, episode 9

The REPEATED case of the unchanged hair (seriously!)…

Wednesday Whale Love, v4

Love, love, LOVE these buttons!

And they’re hand made! Just look at that detail.

This is too cute:

Another thing to add to my imaginary whale kitchen. Seriously, how fun would a tea party be with a whale tea pot? (Any age!)

This is clever:

I wonder, do whales get runny noses? And if so, is it hard to blow them? because gravity would probably suck the snots right down into their heads.


Whale CDs

Hey, remember that time before MP3 players when people would burn their own CDs and draw all over them? Yeah, I still do that.

I had a vacation day today, so after I tidied up my room and chased my dog around the house (for exercise), I dug out my sharpies and got creative.

Just in case you didn’t notice from “Fashion Advice,” I can’t draw well at all. I think that’s part of the charm.

This was my favorite (hahahahahahaha):

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