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mini tragic whale clutch

Just when I think I can’t come up with any more dead whale ideas, I come up with the mini Tragic Whale clutch:

Coming soon to the (also coming soon) Tragic Whale gift shop!

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Vacation recap in photos

making a pencil case trying it out  picking on my mom dress-a-day, day one    got my bride's maid dress, it's too biglaying out the blanket quilt sewing up the blanket quilt pulling apart the blanket quilt after big mess ups    reorganized the shelf above my desk most of a panel wet rain walk dress sewing with my cousin   Panda's new haircut! button organization my best twirling dress wallet I made for my cousin fire party!   peep roasting I'm no model. purse attackorganized (some of) my thread   got contacts! it's getting chilly! made more sharkies

I actually did almost everything I wanted to with my week off! EXCEPT finish “Cloud Atlas.” I’d originally planned to go to the Library of Congress, but this was much more productive. And my car spent vacation down the street with the mechanic hahahaha. No complaints :)

Fire Party

Vacation day six was mostly appointments and errands, though I did get contacts (!!!). But tonight I had a fire party!

Fire party: a party revolving around a fire.

And there was a great turn out, too. My dad came, then Jordan showed up, and then later, EVEN THOUGH she said she was too tired to come, my mom stopped by. And by stopped by I mean came outside. Since I live with my parents.

Highlights included:

The fire! Roaring, I know.

We used Easter peeps to make s’mores. By which I mean Jordan made s’mores and I just cooked ‘em and burned my tongue eating them. Mmmm, delish!

Look at that thing! This last photo doubles as my dress-a-day (with sweatshirt, it was cold (sweatshirt covered in marshmellows)), but there’s a peep on fire in there. And I was like, “Hey, check this out! I’m cool, right?” and Jordan said, “Uhhh…” And I said, “Take the picture. I’m cool.”

Fashion advice from Mom, episode 6

The case of the dress-a-day vacation initiative…

Vacation, day four :)

A couple of things:

1. Sorry for the poor hand writing that’s featured in this post/story. It’s mine, it’s shameful, and now we can work past it. (Hope you can read it, hahaha.)

2. I finished that t-shirt blanket and FORGOT to take pictures of it! What an idiot, right!? And then I delivered it, still forgetting pictures.

3. I had something else to say but I can’t remember what it is now.

I decided I was going to sew a book but forgot that fabric is floppy. I’ll have to try another one with some heavy interfacing or cardboard in the cover, but I said, “Hey, I’m not going to waste this little book. I’m going to kill a whale in it.” So here we go:

Sorry for the shotty craftsmanship. Hahahaha, I’m not really sorry! I’m just ditzing around over here and sharing it with you. You’re welcome.

I resisted soda today at the Chinese food place at the mall. They had it in cans and everything. I drooled looking at it, then got a bottle of water. And here’s today’s dress!

No pockets, but it’s a good twirling dress (as you can probably tell)!

Vacation, days two & three

Still haven’t used an alarm clock or had any soda! And it’s still rough, guys. Lemme just tell you that. Rough stuff on this soda free vacation.

Yesterday and today I worked on this t-shirt blanket I promised to make for my friend… over a year ago… (Who still has no concept of the phrase, “in a timely fashion?” Yeah, this girl.)

It started slow. I cut two t-shirts into squares and stitched them together. And then like a YEAR LATER (that would be around now time), I really got to business. (Honestly, just don’t ask me to make you anything. You’ll likely never see it.) I cut all the shirts up and started arranging them in piles of blanket front and blanket back.

I stitched a bunch together and it didn’t look totally awful.

More stitching:

I even got that batting shit to make it like a real blanket! Sewed it all together with the batting and everything and all that was left to do was turn the thing right side out! Then I realized my mistake.

I sandwiched the batting between the front and back blanket pieces INSIDE the blanket pieces. Aka, when I went to turn it right side out, the batting would be the back side instead of more t-shirts. OOPS. Hand this been for me, I would have left it. But not only is for my friend, it’s also about 13 months overdue. I started to undue it.

And since that took forever and I needed a break, I tossed the crumpled blanket pieces on a chair and took a break to let you know that I do dumb things sometimes (often).

Pfft, this blanket.

This is the vacation dress I wore today:

I don’t know if you can tell that the sweatshirt is all wet, as well as the bottom part of the dress. I went for a rain walk and rain is wet, I’m sure you make the connection. Yesterday I had this polka dot dress on (with pockets!) but I only wore it for a little while because I was going outside and it was windy and I didn’t want anyone to see my undies, ahahahha.

I feel I should also mention that on my vacation to do list I traded in “exercise every day” for “eat hot pockets every day because they’re on sale this week and I love them.” It’s going great.

Vacation, day one

I’m still super excited that I’m on vacation, and I had a very productive first day. I cleaned up my room, didn’t drink any soda, hung out with my cousin Heather, and made a pencil case for my other cousin Rachel! I’m teaching Heather how to sew, so while she worked on a pillow case I worked on the pencil case. Lemme show you what I did:

First I attached a little piece of fabric to a little piece of blanket batting. It sort of looked like a mini blanket. For a doll. Or a critter.Then I put some lines on it!

More lines:

It looked like a small quilt. For the inside I used a polka dot print without that quilt shit. It got all sorts of fuzz in my machine. Here are the cut pieces:

I attached all the pieces to a zipper:

And then magically it formed itself into a pencil case:

Polka dot inside happening now:

I tested it out with some markers but then I put the markers back in my marker mug because my cousin doesn’t need any markers. And if she does she’ll have to get them herself.

Oh! And I remembered to wear a dress today!


As you all know (just kidding, probably none of you know), for the past year I’ve been working almost everyday (except Sundays and the odd day off) and it turns out it’s exhausting. But this week, I’m on VACATION!


Here’s my vacation to do list:

And here’s how I’ll probably spend my time:

That’s right, a whole lot of nothing. Although today I didn’t drink any soda and I did return my cousin’s (now fixed) dress to her. Baby steps towards a productive week!

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