Wednesday Whale Love

As if I didn’t think ModCloth was great enough, they have to go and stock these amazing shoes!


I’m literally drooling over here, guys. I’ll be keeping a close eye on these babies- I can only hope they go on sale before they sell out.

I would love to hang this on my wall:


I have a lot of slanted walls, so space is a little limited. But for this print? I would make it work.

And I think this little carpet is the only thing missing from my bathroom collection:


I already have the toothbrush holder and the shower curtain. Plus, I could really use a little rug for in front of the sink :)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Hope you all have a great week!

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An unexpected journey.

Just kidding. I’ve been planning this for a year!

A year ago I started thinking about how I should probably move out of my parents house because 1) adult, 2) financially stable, 3) growth. But where would I go? What would I do? What were my limitations? I was hung up on these questions for the first 5 or so months. I had no idea, and just the thought of answering those questions was incredibly overwhelming. Plus, it was a year ago that Desert Sand (old car) died and I shelled out most of my saving toward Little Green Car (new car). How could I afford ANYTHING with a car payment?!?!?!?!?

Around October, I realized I could sock away just as much money a month as I had prior to acquiring a car payment. And that I was spending at least one weekend a month in Vermont hanging with friends. I felt free in Vermont, and refreshed when I went home again. At first I attributed this to simply being away, kind of a mini-vacation haze. But the more I visited, the more at home I felt. I knew living there would be different than visiting, but once the idea took root I couldn’t shake it. So in November I did what any normal person with half an idea would do, I announced it to my family and close friends!

I started looking for jobs in January, figuring I could crash with friends while looking for an apartment. I DID NOT want to leave my current job without having a new one lined up. Plus, another friend from college was planning to move to the area in July, so we could room together. After a few rejection emails and a failed job interview, I decided to postpone everything until the late Spring. At least I would have more time to save money and make sure this was what  wanted.

In April, I started my job search again and went hard. I applied for dozens of positions in every imaginable industry. I started scoping out places to live and hoped everything would work out. Email after email of, “Thank you for applying for BLANK. We have chosen not to interview you…” started to get me down again. I seriously considered just staying where I was, at a job I didn’t even like anymore, and as my parent’s permanent/live-in dog sitter. I sat outside at lunch mid-May, held my arms up to the sky and asked the universe for help. I know that sounds totally silly, and I largely don’t know what I believe in, and my friend sort of laughed at me. But let me tell you, two weeks later I’d signed a lease and had an interview lined up. An interview that lead to an offer, which lead to a job!

And now I’m officially a Vermont resident! I have the license and plates and voter registration receipt to prove it. I work in New Hampshire, I’m a 5 minute walk from my friends, and there is a JoAnn Fabrics on the way home from work ;)

A year ago, I was trying to figure out how to sever ties with some real negative people in my life. I was trying to figure out if I wanted to move to run away or if I wanted to move to grow. In the end, it didn’t matter. Anytime you take a big leap, you force yourself to adapt, to change, to grow. What should have arguably been the most stressful thing so far in my life has given me such a sense of accomplishment that I didn’t stop to worry. Once the ball was rolling I had to run with it. Never have I felt less scared.

Cinco de Mayo, a History

Just thought I would share with everyone the history of Cinco de Mayo, as it was explained to me at work today.

Person 1: Cinco de Mayo! Cinco de Mayo! Why does everyone keep wishing me a happy Cinco de Mayo! I don’t get it!

Me: The fifth of May is a holiday in Mexico.

Person 2: Yeah! It celebrates the end of the war between the Spanish and the French.

Person 1: Oh! The Spanish-American War!

So, as I understand it, Cinco de Mayo celebrates the end of the Spanish-American War. Which was fought between Spain and France. In Mexico.


Also, I’ve been working on a major shop restock (here’s some draft listings waiting to become active)


New business cards (something that mentions what I make, aha)


and some pretty exciting changes for me! More on that as it unfolds :)

Gram turns 88, still crazy.

Today is my Gram’s birthday. She is super old (at 88) and my Great Uncle scooped her up and took her away to Ohio for a few weeks. Thanks, Uncle Frank! I called to wish her a happy birthday and this happened:

gramma stories 05

Hey! Guess what?

This is my Dad!


Today is his birthday. Some fun facts about my Dad:

He was born the year they started making the Lincoln Memorial Penny.

He used to fix airplanes.

He doesn’t like hot dogs.

A lot of people think they have the best Dad in the world. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. But you know what? I have the best dad for me. He is supportive of all my endeavors. He always takes my call. He cleans off my car when it snows, no matter how much snow is heaped on it. And he hugs me and tells me he loves me every day.

Happy birthday, Dad! I hope I win the gift-giving competition!

Let’s watch SVU with my Mom.

My Mom watches a lot of Law & Order, Special Victims Unit. Like, A LOT. Like, if my Dad can’t find a marathon on TV she just won’t watch TV. And while she’s watching it, my Mom says the most hilarious things.  Obviously, it might be hard to offer an open invitation to anyone who would like to watch TV with us, so I drew some pictures to try and capture some of my favorite / the most common moments. 

As you may know, the plots are incredibly complicated. There’s basically no structure to the episodes at all. If only they could set it up like Part 1) introduce the victim, dead or alive; Part 2) meet key characters; Part 3) trial; Part 4) music and credits. At least with a little structure my Mom wouldn’t have to continually ask:


This is pretty common. She often falls asleep after the first 15 minutes OR wakes up with 15 minutes to go. I’m not sure if she has ever seen an entire episode in one sitting.


She has never stood up at Town Meeting when she’s had an idea or objection, but she could have presided over an entire courtroom in her youth…


Due in part to falling asleep, and general not-paying-attention-ness, she often misses the entrance of key characters. This question comes up several times per episode.


And my personal favorite: 


Me too, Mom. Me too. 

Delayed response.

My Mom is the type of person who gets a little hurt when she posts something on Facebook and no one likes it or comments on it. Immediately.

Here’s a perfect example. The other day, she re-posted this cute little cardinal. And after 43 minutes, she could not understand why no one else thought it was cute.

So she commented on it.


I almost liked it, but caught myself because I realized no one else had, and I wanted to see what she would do. But her comment, passively asking why no one agreed with her, was too hilarious. So I liked that, instead!


Annnnnndddd she liked her own comment.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that my Mom has a Facebook. I love watching her interact with her friends, get in heated discussions on our town’s Facebook page about what constitutes a “private road,” and (obviously) when she has a post fail. It makes me feel like I’m prepping for teenagers.

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